Settlement Reporting

Settlement Reports

Settlement reports provide settlement data from your connector (where supported), contributing to your reconciliation processes.

You can retrieve data at both summary and detail levels.

Summary Level

You can get summary level information for a certain date and/or settlement currency by sending a HTTP GET request to the /reconiliations/aggregrations endpoint.

Detail Level

You can get further details for a particular aggregation id by sending a HTTP GET request to the /reconiliations/aggregrations/{id} endpoint.

Possible reconciliationType include:

  • FEE

Settlement Matching

matchedTransactions contains the UUID's of the transactions that match the record in the settlement report. The functionality can be enabled in your account. Please contact your account manager for further information. matchedTransactions contains a field status which can have the following possible values :

  • NOT_MATCHED : when there are no matches for the record
  • MATCHED : when there is exactly one match for the record
  • MULTIPLE_MATCHES : when there are multiple potential matches for the record

Dummy Report Data

If the API parameter testMode is sent and set to INTERNAL, the API will return dummy data.